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The Great War Britain

Kidderminster: Remembering 1914-18

Cover of  'The Great War Brittain: Kidderminster remembering 1914-1918

This book published by 'The History Press' was officially launched on the 24th October at the Museum of Carpet and is available in their shop in Green Street for £12.99. The book was written by Sally Dickson in collaboration with other members of the Kidderminster & District Archaeological & Historical Society and the Museum of Carpet. The book is also available at Society meetings.


Recollections of Childhood in Kidderminster,1994

Recollections of Childhood in Kidderminster

Edited by: Sally Dickson, Bill Elliot and Richard Warner, 1994. With contributions from many members of the society.

The original booklet is now 'Out of Print' but a revised digital version published in 2015 is now available as a download from the Birmingham & Midland Society for Genealogy & Heraldry's website for £2.50. Recollections Of Childhood in Kidderminster


The Church of St Mary and All Saints, Kidderminster

Monumental Inscriptions in Church and Churchyard

The Church of St Mary and All Saints, Kidderminster

The original 1st Edition of this booklet was assembled by Bill Elliott in 1999 from data recorded by several Society members. It can be seen in the Local History Collection at Kidderminster Library.

A 2nd Edition has just been prepared (December 2014). Typographical and other errors have been corrected and the Index has been overhauled.The new edition has been prepared as a digital and searchable PDF document and is available as a download from the Birmingham & Midland Society for Genealogy & Heraldry at a cost of £2.50. Monumental Inscriptions 2nd Edition


cover of  'Old Kidderminster' by John Knox Ferguson

Old Kidderminster by John Knox Ferguson

This book by Don Gilbert, Robert Barber & Jim Wilkinson was published by the Society in 2009 and is available at Society Meetings at the reduced price of £5 (was £10). A 'snip' if there ever was one!

"The Scottish artist John Knox Ferguson made 25 pencil sketches of parts of Kidderminster between 1892 and 1894. They were published as a portfolio in 1894 by the Carpet manufacturer Peter Adam.

In the present book the drawings are shown as gray-scale reproductions together, where possible, with comparative photographs taken close to the 1890s and also photographs of the locations as they appear day. There were other works by Knox Ferguson related to Kidderminster and some of these paintings and drawings have also been included.

Descriptions of the drawings are given and set in the perspective of Kidderminster as it was in 1892-94. Appropriate biographical details of Knox Ferguson and Peter Adam are also provided."


Kidderminster and District in the Second World War - Recollections from the Home Front

Compiled by Bill Wood, Bob Millward and Robert Barber 2006

ISBN 0-7509-4551-6

List price £12.99

Kidderminster and District in the second World War

We now have a limited number of these books in stock again. They are on offer at £10 including delivery in the UK. Use our 'contact us' page and we will get back to you with details.

Sutton Park Road VJ Party

Sutton Park Road VJ party

The photograph of the Sutton Park Road VJ party on page 135 of this book is incomplete. It was cropped by the publishers without consultation. If you you would like to add an un-cropped copy of the photograph then click the photograph below or the associated link:

Original Sutton Park Road VJ Party Photo


Caldwall Hall, Kidderminster

Caldwall Hall, Kidderminster

by Don Gilbert & Richard Warner 1999

Digital version with added index by Bob Millward 2016

The printed book is now 'Out of Print' but the digital version can be downloaded from the Birmingham & Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldry shop for £2.50.

Download Digital version of 'Caldwall Hall'


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