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Whitsuntide celebrations at St George's 1875

Annual Whitsuntide processions of Witness were first held in Kidderminster in 1823 at the instigation of the Sunday School Union which represented the Non-Conformist churches. First held on a Whit Tuesday the procession change to Whit Monday in 1836. It was not until 1928 that the procession embraced all churches in the town. This popular and enjoyable event continued to thrive until the late 1960s when Whit Monday ceased to be a Bank Holiday.

Before 1928 St George's Church held its own Whitsuntide events and the Parish Magazine has a delightful account for that held in June 1875. The 'School Festival' as it was called was on Whit Monday and involved Day and Sunday school children. There was a service in the church followed by tea for the children in their separate schools. This was followed by a procession accompanied by the Sunday School 'Drum and Fife Band' to a field for sports and other activities.

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