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Photographs of Kidderminster 2013

Ten years ago in 2003 the Society undertook a project to create a photographic archive of aspects of Kidderminster showing features of the town at that time; it was intended that this should be updated each decade. At their 2013 Christmas function members showed and discussed recent photographs they had taken of the many changes which had taken place in the last 10 years.

These included the disappearance of the sugar beet factory and the new relief road and residential developments on the site, the refurbishments of the Piano Building and the Telephone Exchange and the additions to the hospital.

A sad feature was the many photographs of the high number of empty retail shops in Kidderminster and the rather brutal functional architecture of the major national retail outlets around the town.

It is anticipated that the next phase of photographs will be in 2023 and eventually a personalised archive of the changes and development of the town will form an interesting and valuable record.

Worcester Street in 2013

Worcester Street in 2013

This photograph illustrates the sad decline of Worcester Street as a shopping area.


Blackwell Street 2013

Refurbishmnet of the old telephone exchange on Blackwell Street, 2013

On a more positive note, the refurbishment of the old Telephone exchange into apartments highlights that older town buildings can be put to some useful purpose. This building is on the site of the house where Rowland Hill was born.